Saturday, April 20, 2013

Peanut Candy Easy Home Made - Kappalandi Mithai

Serves :  5

Time Required : 30 Minutes


Sugar 2 cup

Water 1/2 cup

Peanuts 1 cup (roasted , Skin removed)

Butter 2-3 tbsp

Baking Soda – A pinch

Vanila essence -  ½ tsp

Butter paper as required

Method of Preparation

Take sugar  and water in the pan.

Cook it all the mixture turns brown.

Add in roasted peanuts , baking soda,vanilla essence  and mix well. Switch off the fire after putting in the peanuts.

Mix them well fast and quick.

Spread butter on the butter paper and put the mixture over it. Spread evenly using roller or chappathi roller.

Cool it and cut it into pieces and serve.


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